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Provide Wordlwide Online Support

We can provide Online Support Wordlwide, with proper execution, explanation and additionally provide explanation video file for execution and explanations.

24/7 Support Center

NXFEE, will Provide on 24x7 Online Support, You can call or text at +91 9789443203, or email us

Terms & Conditions:

Customer are advice to watch the project video file output, and before the payment to test the requirement, correction will be applicable.

After payment, if any correction in the Project is accepted, but requirement changes is applicable with updated charges based upon the requirement.

After payment the student having doubts, correction, software error, hardware errors, coding doubts are accepted.

Online support will not be given more than 3 times.

On first time explanation we can provide completely with video file support, other 2 we can provide doubt clarifications only.

If any Issue on Software license / System Error we can support and rectify that within end of day.

Extra Charges For duplicate bill copy. Bill must be paid in full, No part payment will be accepted.

After payment, to must send the payment receipt to our email id.

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